Session Pricing Starting January 2024

Jenni and Deanna work in their healing clinic in Centennial, Colorado, as well as over the phone. We have several distance patients, as we do work outside of time and space! We support our patients between their sessions by offering communication via text or email at no extra charge. We also supplement our sessions with “homework”  to help with your own supported healing.

Power Session: Experience Acupuncture, Chinese herbal consultation, Reiki and Intuitive Guidance with both Jenni and Deanna at the same time. This is a 1 hour session. Packages of sessions can be shared with any family members. Pricing is the same for “in person” as well as “phone” sessions.

  • $150.00 per single session
  • $700.00 for a 5 pack of sessions, ($140.00 ea)
  • $1300.00 for a 10 pack of sessions, ($130.00 ea)

Sessions with Deanna Kayyali: Acupuncture, Chinese herbal consultation and Reiki, 1 hour sessions in person or over the phone: packages can be shared by family members. Visit Deanna’s website for Cornerstone Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

  • $85.00 per single session
  • $375.00 for a 5 pack of sessions, ($75.00 ea)
  • $75.00 for students

Sessions with Jenni Prince Morgan: Reiki, Intuitive Guidance and Herbal Recommendations, 45 minute sessions

  • $75.00 for 45 minutes