It was very fortunate that I learned about Jenni and Deanna’s classes from a friend who also had been taking training with them for a while. Since October 18th of 2015 when I started my learning with Jenni and Deanna, it has been an incredible journey. You look forward to the next level as you experience the validations on the learning in your daily life. Jenni, Deanna and Barbara have had an immense impact on my practice and I am truly thankful for them sharing their wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Reza M.

Ms. Jenni Prince and Deanna Kayyali are very special on so many levels. Jenni has applied Reiki to my son since third grade (he is now in high school), for various issues including a knee injury from soccer, a slow growth curve, asthma, allergies, and teen coaching. He asks to see her, when he’s feeling he needs some energy work. Jenni has applied Reiki to me, as well as Deanna with acupuncture and they both have helped me with several issues. Their work has allowed for much healing to be experienced in our family. Jenni and Deanna lead Reiki classes and they have been invaluable in supporting my healing journey. Their support has made a huge difference in our lives, for which I am so grateful! Thank you, Jenni and Deanna, for your wonderful service of the healing work you do with your clients!

Holly F.

I started seeing Jenni searching for relief from food allergies. I have seen just about every type of doctor and alternative medical source that I can find. After one session I was able to eat foods that had been unavailable to me for years.

I started getting “power sessions” with Jenni and Deanna working together using acupuncture, Reiki and helping me with herbs. The sessions are AMAZING!

I have learned so much and my life has changed in so many ways that I never anticipated. I am no longer depressed. I am calm and feel totally free for the first time in decades.

I took the Reiki I class and can not wait to learn more. I am able to help friends and family, but still send people to see Jenni and Deanna.

My life has truly been transformed since meeting these two amazing women.


I see Deanna for acupuncture once a month. She is an excellent communicator keeping you in the loop as she stays in the room with you the entire session, a unique experience from the other acupuncturists I have used in the past. To facilitate bringing your chakras, plus body/mind/ and spirit, back into alignment Deanna uses a variety of techniques, Reiki and acupuncture being the only ones whose names I recognize. Whatever her techniques/skills/intuition are, they are spot on. I always leave feeling more in harmony with myself, and bless Spirit for having her on my health care team. My impression from being a client is that she is also an excellent teacher, being able to bring her therapies into reality for others.

Sharon H.

Interested in getting to the root of your problems? How about truly learning from whatever calling or condition you are experiencing? If so, take a class or schedule a session with Jenni and Deanna. Let the learning begin!

Louann Hillesland MA, LPC

I have worked with Deanna and Jenni together and separately for several years and in a word my experience with them has been ‘amazing’!


Jenni and Deanna are to the student of energy and spirituality what comfort food is to a weary stressed-filled week. They speak to the absolute newbie and the wise experienced student without losing either, in depth or in summary, with ease and simplicity, with understanding and support. I have always been impressed and inspired with all that I learn from this dynamic team. I have always felt comfortable and supported despite being one of the least knowledgeable people in the room. I’ve heard that knowledge is being told the stove is hot, and wisdom is the burnt finger. With Jenni and Deanna, I feel like I’m able to touch the hot stove and really learn.