Life is an internal project.

Within each of us there is an opportunity to connect to a supreme higher power. We often use the word God to describe this higher power. In our current culture, we as a “people” aren’t taught to connect to this higher power within, but once we claim this birthright, we can create from a platform of incredible LOVE. Love is a primal force that we are all created with which needs to be continually activated with deliberate consciousness. Each cycle of a breath is an opportunity to claim this life force of Love. Breathe in “God”, breathe out “You”. Love isn’t an emotion or mental state but it is a primal energy force such as gravity, fear, orbital movements, etc.

We appreciate and respect the teachings of all the religions where love and nature are the original basic foundations. We passionately read sacred texts from all traditions. We desire to reveal the threads of “Truth” woven in all the world’s religions, cultures and languages. If you follow a particular religion, we encourage you to live there fully as a loving being.

Spirituality is that connection we personally have with our own Higher God Self. It is a relationship that stands outside of any one particular religion and is wordless. At the same time, Spirituality is the relationship we have within our families, communities and nature where we connect through feeling and Oneness. Spirituality is integral with all our relationships.

“My Deepest Me is God! My Deepest Me is God! “

Catherine of Genoa


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